Monday, November 14, 2011

Filtered Index in SQL Server 2008

Filtered Index is a new feature in SQL SERVER 2008. Filtered Index is used to index a portion of rows in a table that means it applies filter on INDEX which improves query performance, reduce index maintenance costs, and reduce index storage costs compared with full-table indexes.

When we see an Index created with some WHERE clause then that is actually a FILTERED INDEX.

For Example:
ON DatabaseLog(Event)

Points to remember when creating Filtered Index:
  • They can be created only as Nonclustered Index
  • They can be used on Views only if they are persisted views.
  • They cannot be created on full-text Indexes.
Execute the below query and see the performance impact of filtered index on Execution Plan.

Query1: Select * from DatabaseLog where Event='CREATE_TABLE'
Query2: Select * from DatabaseLog where Event='ALTER_TABLE'

Query1 is using a Filtered index and it's Query Cost is 29%. Query2 is not using Filtered Index and it's cost is 71%. See below execution plan for reference.

A filtered Index is an optimized non clustered Index which is one of the great performance improvements in SQL SERVER 2008 reducing the Index storage cost and reduces maintenance cost.

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